This site is hopefully a simple solution to give some more exposure at events to female eCommerce speakers.

It came about from my attempt to get female eCommerce speakers for a panel I was chairing at a upcoming event. I was keen to avoid a manel (male only panel). I posted the request on linkedin and was somewhat taken aback with the response – around 20K views and 80+ comments or suggestions.

I had three fantastic male speakers already but I subsequently broadened the panel to include two female and two male speakers.

However, that left me feeling pretty bad about all the great female eCommerce superstars that I couldn’t include. I’m therefore sharing their linkedin profiles on a page as a resource for events organisers to approach.

The response I got seemed to tap into something. I took it to demonstrate how there is a much greater need for us to work together as an industry to ensure that female talent within eCommerce / Digital Commerce gets the same exposure as their male counterparts.

Please contact me if you’d like to be included and I’ll add you to the list. Also if you’ve suggestions of other speakers that you think should be included please do send them on to me. With their permission I’ll add them to the site too. If at any point you’d like to be taken off the list just let me know via the contact form on the site and I’ll remove you.

Here’s hoping this plays a small part in manel prevention going forward!

You can see the list of speakers here.

Alex Tait.

The panel we put together in the end for DTC London with a great set of panelists: Jean Philippe Nier (Head of eCommerce UK & Ireland, Kraft Heinz), Janis Hopwood (Marketing Director, Deltare), Rachael Jones (Head of eCommerce, Seedlip) and Mark Little (ex Global DTC Director, Unilever).